About Us

Well Established in the Local Community

We have been caring for patients in Swansea and Lake Haven for many years. Dr Scott Speirs owns Swansea Dental Practice and has been part of the community since 1997. Dr Speirs is a principal at Advance Family Dental, where he jointly owns the practice with Dr Arjun Jeganathan. Advance Family Dental in Lake Haven was founded in 2006 by Dr Scott Speirs and Dr Arjun Jeganathan.

State-of-the-Art-Technology and Experience to Treat All Ages

Our surgeries use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality dental care at reasonable prices, and our aim is always to treat patients using the most minimally invasive and conservative procedures available today. Treatments are designed to help protect and preserve your natural teeth and preventative dentistry is very important to us. We treat all ages and aim to show young children that good oral health is highly achievable. Our Dental Therapist has specific training in treating young children and teenagers, and we also provide oral hygiene education.

Adults and older patients are very well catered for, as we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that include adult orthodontics and full mouth reconstructions. Dr Scott Speirs is particularly experienced in all types of orthodontics and has undertaken many hours of additional training. Dr Arjun Jeganathan has a special interest in jaw joint disorders (TMJ) and in dental implants and crown and bridge cases.