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About Swansea Dental Practice

Swansea Dental Practice is dedicated to maintaining and improving your dental health.

Well established in the local community

We have been caring for patients in Swansea for many years. Dr Scott Speirs owns Swansea Dental Practice and has been part of the community since 1997.

Dr Speirs is also a principal at Advance Family Dental in Lake Haven, where he jointly owns the practice with Dr Arjun Jeganathan. Advance Family Dental was founded in 2006 by Dr Scott Speirs and Dr Arjun Jeganathan.

State-of-the-Art-Technology and Experience to Treat All Ages

Our surgeries use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality dental care at reasonable prices, and our aim is always to treat patients using the most minimally invasive and conservative procedures available today. Treatments are designed to help protect and preserve your natural teeth and preventative dentistry is very important to us. We treat all ages and aim to show young children that good oral health is highly achievable. Our Dental Therapist has specific training in treating young children and teenagers, and we also provide oral hygiene education.

Adults and older patients are very well catered for, as we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that include adult orthodontics and full mouth reconstructions.

Dr Scott Speirs is particularly experienced in all types of orthodontics and has undertaken many hours of additional training. Dr Arjun Jeganathan has a special interest in jaw joint disorders (TMJ) and in dental implants and crown and bridge cases.

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For more information about Swansea Dental Practice, please call (02) 4971 1432 or contact us online.

Our Practice

Swansea Dental Practice is your modern, minimalist solution to traditional dental care.

Swansea Dental Location

Both practices are conveniently located in local shopping precincts and there is plenty of parking for our customers. Swansea Dental Practice is custom-built and has wheelchair access, and is particularly good for parents with young children as there is plenty of room for prams and pushchairs.

Our practices are specifically designed to be welcoming and modern, and we have achieved Quality in Practice Accreditation. This accreditation shows we have been independently assessed for our standards of quality and safety in patient care. Our dental teams are dedicated to maintaining and improving patient care standards, ensuring all our clients receive the highest level of dentistry at affordable prices.

When you visit either practice you are assured of receiving dental care that is fully customised for your oral health needs. We do not recommend treatments which are unnecessarily complex and costly. Our objective is to ensure a full range of options are discussed, ranging from the most advanced to the more economical. We aim to:

  • Provide excellent dental care
  • See you on time
  • Offer emergency dental care
  • Offer you a range of treatment options where appropriate
  • Allow plenty of time to explain treatment options and to answer all your questions

We have convenient opening hours, including early morning and evening appointments and are confident we can help you and your family achieve healthy and attractive smiles.

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Our Dental Technology

Our dentists use the latest in dental technologies. Available in Swansea & the Central Coast.

We have invested extensively in some of the latest technologies with the aim of providing the best and highest level of quality services to our patients. Our technology includes:

  • Intra-oral camera which is a tiny camera that can fit inside your mouth. It enables our dentists to take high quality and extremely detailed images of your teeth which can be displayed on a computer monitor. You will be able to see any problems with your teeth or gums which can provide you with a much clearer understanding of your dental health and the treatments required to correct any problems.
  • Digital dental x-rays show areas of your mouth hidden from view and are extremely safe as they only emit very low levels of radiation that will not present a risk to your health.
  • The Wand is a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system that reduces discomfort during injections and which is ideal for nervous patients or for anyone with a low pain threshold.
  • Identafi is an oral cancer screening laser that is helpful for the early detection of oral cancers and other diseases that affect the soft tissues in the mouth.

In addition, our practice uses the highest quality and most recently developed dental materials so patients can benefit from beautiful and life-like restorations, for example our E-Max pressable crowns combine strength with aesthetics.

our dental technology
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