Dental X-Rays

We can identify deeper issues with your teeth with our dental x-rays in Swansea.

We take digital x-rays periodically and intervals are customised depending on your risk of tooth decay. For most people x-rays will only be required every two years. This interval may be shorter for someone with a higher risk of developing new cavities, while the interval may be longer for someone who has never had a cavity. We do this to minimise the number of x-rays taken and we only suggest dental x-rays when they are needed.

We don’t necessarily need to take a full set of dental x-rays for a new patient as we will communicate with your previous dentist to see if x-rays are required and to obtain copies of any x-rays previously taken. We will then only need to take x-rays if a new set is due.

Our dental surgery at Swansea is equipped with up-to-date x-ray machines that emit very little radiation and which are extremely safe.

Digital dental x-rays are an extremely useful diagnostic tool, showing us areas of your mouth that are not visible to the naked eye, including areas just below the gum line, and contact areas in between teeth where decay can often develop. The most common type of x-ray used is the bitewing x-ray which shows how the upper and lower teeth contact each other, as well as cavities in between teeth. Periapical x-rays show the entire tooth right from the crown down to the roots and are used to diagnose dental abscesses or other problems below the gums. Panoramic x-rays provide a broader view of your whole mouth and can show fractures, cysts, impacted teeth and infections.

We only take dental x-rays when necessary and most people with reasonable dental health will need a set every two years or so.

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