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A welcoming, relaxed environment for your child’s dental care in Swansea.

Swansea Dental Practice welcomes kids and families of all ages. Our comfortable waiting rooms have a range of kids’ entertainment to help keep them occupied before their dental appointments or while waiting for other family members to see the dentist. Both surgeries offer a range of children’s dental treatments, including:

At Swansea Dental Practice, we provide expert dental services for the whole family that will help your children develop happier, healthier smiles.

Our dental therapists are trained to focus on the particular needs of children and teenagers. Our surgery also has special equipment designed specifically for children’s dentistry, including mini-sized instruments and handpieces that are more comfortable for small mouths. We have specialised treatments for infected and damaged baby teeth such as special filling materials and custom crowns designed to fit and protect their teeth.

We take preventative dental care and dental education very seriously and are always available to answer any questions about children’s dental health, including advice on diet and oral care at home. All treatment is fully customised to address your child’s dental health needs to ensure they enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

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Preparing for your child’s first dental visit

We recommend taking your child to their first dental visit within six months after their first tooth erupts or before their first birthday. Early dental visits allow the dentist to monitor your child’s oral health, provide preventive care and address any concerns or questions you may have. Starting dental visits early also helps children become familiar with the dentist and helps them feel more positive about their dental care.

If you’re getting your little one ready for their first dentist trip, the trick is to keep things light and positive. Before the big day, give them a sneak peek of what to expect. The dentist can seem a bit scary when you don’t know what will happen, so tell them about the visit in a simple, calm way. Let them know that it’s all about checking their teeth to keep them strong and that there’s nothing to worry about.

Another way to prepare them for the big day is to play dentist at home. Take turns being the dentist and the patient, using a flashlight to check each other’s teeth and pretend-brushing together. It’s a great way to learn through play.

On the day of their appointment, be sure to pack anything that will help keep them calm. If there’s a cuddly toy or blanket that they’re attached to, bring it along. While we do our best to keep your little one happy, a familiar toy can make all the difference in helping them feel secure and calm.

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FAQs about children’s dental in Swansea

How often should my child visit the dentist?

After their first visit, we generally recommend scheduling regular dental check-ups every six months. These routine visits allow us to monitor your child’s oral health, track any changes, and address any issues as soon as they appear.

More frequent visits may be required if there are any irregularities with your children’s teeth. Your dentist will recommend the right time for a follow-up at the end of your initial visit.

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How can I help my child maintain good oral hygiene?

As a parent, you can help your child keep a healthy smile throughout their lives. If you want to ensure your child is brushing correctly, we recommend starting with supervised brushing. Young children often need a bit of help to brush effectively. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure they brush for two minutes twice a day. This keeps their teeth clean and helps them stick to a solid routine.

Encouraging healthy eating habits plays a huge role in oral health. Try to minimise sugary snacks and drinks that can lead to tooth decay. Instead, opt for a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products that are great for strong teeth and gums.

As soon as your child’s teeth begin to touch each other, it’s time to introduce flossing. Show them how to do it gently and assist them until they’re confident enough to floss on their own.

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What should I expect at my child’s dental appointment?

During your child’s dental visit, our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of their teeth, gums and mouth. The procedures may vary depending on your child’s age and dental needs. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • Basic examination — Your dentist will examine your child’s teeth, gums, and bite. They will check for any signs of cavities, tooth decay, or abnormalities in tooth development. This examination is usually brief and allows your dentist to assess your child’s oral health.
  • Cleaning and fluoride treatment — If your child is relaxed and comfortable, your dentist may proceed with a gentle cleaning using specialised tools. They may also apply a fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth and protect against cavities.
  • X-rays — In some cases, your dentist may recommend taking X-rays to get a closer look at your child’s teeth and jaw structure. X-rays can help identify any hidden dental issues and assist in developing an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Oral hygiene instructions — Your dentist will provide guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as advice on maintaining good oral hygiene at home. They may recommend specific toothbrushes or toothpaste suitable for your child’s age.
  • Treatment recommendations — If any dental issues are identified during the examination, your dentist will discuss treatment options with you. They will explain the procedures and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Treatment recommendations may include fillings, sealants, or orthodontic interventions.

At Swansea Dental, we’re committed to giving your child healthy teeth for life. From regular checkups to specialised treatments, we provide expert dental dental care for kids in Swansea. Book an appointment online or call us on (02) 4971 1432.

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