Children’s Orthodontics

We offer expert children’s orthodontics and services in Swansea.

If your child has a misaligned jaw or crooked teeth then we may suggest orthodontics to help correct these problems. Our aim is to identify any potential issues with the development of your child’s teeth as soon as possible so the correct action can be taken, sometimes even before their adult teeth have fully erupted as this may be able to reduce or even eliminate the need for treatment later on once all their adult teeth are in place.

There are a number of different appliances that may be used but fixed braces are still the most common and can provide the best results in many cases. This is because our dentists will be able to precisely reposition the teeth through using brackets and wires. Fixed braces can sometimes be better for children as they avoid any problems with compliance and will be continually working to move your child’s teeth.

All braces work by applying pressure to the teeth and jaws to help move them into the correct positions and the exact duration of treatment can vary according to the problems requiring correction. Once treatment is completed your child will need to wear a retainer which helps ensure the teeth do not move back to their original positions.

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