Diagnostic Technology

Swansea Dental Practice can find dental conditions with our advanced diagnostic technologies.
We often use diagnostic technology to detect any dental problems, utilising up-to-date techniques and equipment. The use of these technologies enables us to visualise any problems far more clearly so treatment can be properly planned and will be more effective.

Diagnostics used during your appointments may include:

  • Digital dental x-rays
  • Dietary analysis
  • Saliva diagnostic testing
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral hygiene education

Some technologies, for example oral cancer screening, have the potential to save lives. Others such as dietary analysis can enable us to suggest ways to reduce your risk of gum disease or tooth decay, potentially lowering your dental bills and increasing the lifespan of your natural teeth. Testing your saliva can show if you are at increased risk of dental diseases so we can provide customised treatment to help lower that risk. This can be particularly useful if you are prone towards developing cavities or other dental problems in spite of having good home dental care. Digital dental x-rays show us areas of your mouth hidden from view, enabling our dentists to diagnose any infections or other problems with your teeth or jaws. These can also be useful when planning orthodontic treatment or other more complicated treatments such as full mouth rehabilitation.

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