General Dentistry

Get a check up or bi-annual exam with our general dentistry services in Swansea.

Whether you have a throbbing toothache, cosmetic concerns, or just need a quick check-up and teeth cleaning, you can trust our team of professionals here at Swansea Dental Practice.

We believe regular check-ups are essential for maintaining the health and longevity of your smile. During a check-up, we will check for signs of oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer, while also ensuring you leave our practice with a clean, glowing smile.

Our general dentistry treatments include:

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We take a preventative approach to dental care

At Swansea Dental Practice, we recommend visiting our team once every six months to ensure you do not have any untreated dental health problems like tooth decay or badly infected teeth.

By visiting us bi-annually, we have lots of time to detect these problems early, then provide treatments and preventative care to maintain and restore your smile.

Procedures like fluoride application and fissure sealants can help harden and protect your teeth, but if dental health issues are found, we can provide treatments like white fillings and root canal therapy to help remove infection, restoring the tooth so it can be used normally for biting and chewing.

Alternatively, if you’re missing some teeth, we can replace them with dentures or permanent dental implants. We also offer full mouth rehabilitation to repair more extensive damage to your mouth.

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What happens at your regular dental health check-up

Your treatment will begin with a full examination to determine any underlying problems.

Afterwards, our dentists will recommend suitable treatments and procedures to restore your dental health, if required.

If dental health issues are identified, we will provide a full treatment plan which includes the cost of each procedure, plus we will take the time to explain each treatment in full and answer any questions you may have before, during, and after the treatment process.

Book an appointment online with our experienced general dentistry team in Swansea. We’ll take care of your smile.