Achieve stronger teeth with our realistic white fillings available in Swansea.

White fillings are made from a composite resin material which is very hard wearing and able to restore strength and structure to teeth weakened by trauma or decay. We may suggest this treatment for small to medium-sized cavities in your back teeth or for repairs to front teeth. A white filling can be a very good way to repair a tooth as the material bonds strongly to the natural tooth structure, sealing out bacteria so they cannot enter the tooth and cause more destruction and decay.

Why Choose White Fillings?

White fillings are tooth coloured and can blend in beautifully with your natural teeth so they are virtually invisible. This can be ideal for anyone who is concerned about achieving the very best aesthetic results. Composite resin helps restore strength to damaged teeth, and it is only necessary for your dentist to remove damaged tooth structure, leaving the maximum amount of healthy tooth in place.

What Is the Procedure to Place a White Filling?

The damaged areas of your tooth will be removed before the cavity is filled with composite resin in a shade that closely matches your natural tooth colour. The composite resin is hardened before being shaped and polished. White fillings will last for several years before they need replacing.

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