Wisdom Teeth Removal

Gentle, stress-free wisdom teeth removal in Swansea.

Wisdom teeth normally try to erupt during the late teens or early twenties by which time the rest of the adult teeth are already in position so there is often insufficient room for them to come through properly. As a result they may not be able to erupt at all, or they will only partially erupt and are more prone towards infection and decay as food and bacteria can easily become trapped around the partially emerged tooth. When this happens wisdom teeth are referred to as being impacted.

Regular digital dental x-rays enable dentists at Swansea Dental Practice to keep an eye on your wisdom teeth. We will only recommend their extraction if they cannot erupt properly.

What is the Procedure for Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Removal should be straightforward and can be carried out using a local anaesthetic, or we can provide additional sedation. Your dentist will expose the wisdom tooth through opening up the gum tissue and taking out any bone that might be covering it. The tooth may be removed in sections to aid extraction.

Most people will recover within a few days, and discomfort should be quite mild. We will provide full instructions on caring for the extraction site until it has healed. It is best to avoid smoking for the first few days after surgery as this could delay healing.

Swansea Dental Practice is equipped with special tools and materials to perform wisdom tooth surgery. Wisdom tooth surgery is a special interest of Dr Scott Speirs and he has considerable experience in this area.

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