General Anaesthesia Swansea

We offer anaesthesia for anxious or nervous patients receiving dental treatment.

General anaesthesia is given to patients who are extremely anxious about receiving dental treatment or who require more complex dental procedures, for example the removal of wisdom teeth that are severely impacted, or during a full mouth rehabilitation.

During treatment patients are unconscious and completely unaware of what is happening which is very different to sedation where patients are still able to communicate and can be easily awoken if necessary. General anaesthesia may be useful for anxious or nervous patients who do not respond to other forms of conscious sedation. This can happen if someone is already prescribed drugs similar to those used during these types of sedation and has built up a high level of tolerance for them. General anaesthesia does require specialised equipment to administer, and is often given in a hospital setting where patients can be treated at a day surgery.

Our dentists are specifically certified to operate at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, where we use the services of the Hunter’s largest Medical Specialist Anaesthetists’ group for optimum safety. Where children are being treated, a specialist Paediatric Anaesthetist is used.

If you require a general anaesthetic it will be necessary to have extensive tests beforehand to determine your suitability for this treatment. Afterwards you will need someone to take you home, and they will need to stay with you for the next 24 hours to make sure you are okay. Follow-up after surgery is arranged at our rooms at Swansea Dental Practice.