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Teeth can become discoloured due to age or lifestyle habits, detracting from an otherwise healthy and attractive smile. Teeth whitening offers an easy and safe way to restore your teeth to their former colour, and Swansea Dental Practice offers patients custom made home whitening kits to gently whiten smiles over the course of a couple of weeks. This method allows you to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home.

We believe that home bleaching with professionally made trays and bleaching gel is the most flexible bleach system because the bleach trays last for years and the products we provide are far superior to those available over-the-counter. Our custom-made bleaching trays will fit tightly over your teeth, sealing in the bleach and preventing it from contacting your gums. This allows us to prescribe bleaching gels that are much stronger and more effective than anything you can purchase in your local pharmacy.

After some time, perhaps 18 months, teeth will gradually yellow again following any bleaching procedure. With the home bleach system, the only cost in repeating the bleach process is to purchase the bleach gel, which is usually less than $50 for a 2 week treatment.

In contrast, in chair bleach treatments require the total bleach fee to be paid each time you re-bleach after some time.

Also, we believe that home bleaching allows us to control and prevent sensitivity more reliably. All bleach techniques cause a certain amount of sensitivity. Because home bleaching is more gradual, sensitivity can be treated during the bleaching process and kept under control.

A leading bleaching expert based in Texas USA recently commented that home bleaching still provides the best bleach results, especially for severe staining, since it can be continued over a long period of time if necessary.

Finally, home bleach systems allow you to bleach one or 2 nights a month and keep your smile the same colour, preventing the stain or yellow appearance from returning.

Your Dental Check-up Before Whitening

Our dentists will need to check the condition of your teeth and gums prior to whitening as it is essential only to whiten healthy teeth. Whitening unhealthy teeth could result in unwanted side effects such as tooth sensitivity or even pain. If you have any signs of cavities or gum disease then these will need to be treated prior to tooth whitening. We will also assess your teeth to make sure they will respond well to whitening. Teeth whitening cannot change the colour of any existing crowns, veneers or white fillings and it may not work on teeth that are internally stained, for example due to tetracycline use or exposure to excess fluoride as a child.

What Is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth which is used to create custom designed teeth whitening trays that exactly fit over your teeth and which are comfortable to wear. We will provide you with whitening gel and precise instructions on using the trays. You will gradually see your teeth becoming whiter over the course of a few days and most people will need to use their whitening kit for around two weeks. For the most natural looking results, aim for a colour no whiter than your eyes.

Once your teeth are whitened we can also provide you with instructions on how to maintain your healthy white smile. Although your teeth will gradually darken, making a few lifestyle changes can prolong the life of this treatment. This might mean cutting down on coffee, red wine and tea, or even just getting into the habit of rinsing your mouth with plain water after drinking these beverages. You will be able to safely top up the results occasionally using your custom whitening trays, but it is important to follow our instructions closely and to not over-use these whitening products.

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