Health Fund Information

Our Swansea practice has HICAPS available for fast, convenient claims.

The major health funds all have their own policies regarding which dental treatment can be claimed and how much of the fee they will cover, largely to serve their own commercial interests.

Our practice has strongly resisted any relationship with dental insurers so as to remain totally independent. Because of this, we are able to recommend any treatment type without influence from the insurer.

We want to help you make your treatment as affordable as possible but you must remember that your health fund has a relationship only with you and we are not an agent for your health fund. If you have problems with claims or any dispute regarding the claim for any treatment, you will need to resolve this with them directly. We can only assist insofar as to provide you with any treatment details the insurer may request.

It is important to remember that the dentists at Swansea Dental Practice see the highest priority to be the your dental health. This may mean that in some rare circumstances procedures are recommended by us that may not be claimable through your fund. While we appreciate that dental care can be expensive and it is always helpful if the insurer can assist you with paying our fee, it is not in your interests to allow health fund claim rules to dictate the timing of treatment or the type of treatment you have.

We will endeavour to help you make legitimate claims on your health insurance where possible, but we only interact with health funds in strict observation of accepted rules regarding invoice dating and itemisation.

We have HICAPS which enables on site billing and claims, meaning that you only need to pay the gap on treatment on the day of treatment.

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