Affordable Dentures

Reliable, realistic and long-lasting dentures in Swansea.

Dentures are a very cost effective and non-invasive way to replace teeth lost to decay or some other trauma. Partial dentures can be used to replace one or several missing teeth, while full dentures are used to restore all the teeth in the upper or lower arch of the mouth. They are made from gum coloured acrylic that may be reinforced with lightweight metal alloy. This pink acrylic base supports the denture teeth which are arranged to closely resemble natural teeth, enabling you to speak and eat properly. If metal alloy is used, it helps provide strength and stability. Partial dentures may have metal clasps that fit around existing natural teeth to firmly hold the denture in place.

We do not take shortcuts in producing dentures. As Swansea has a large number of older patients, we have developed considerable experience with dentures over many years, even in difficult cases and have developed some novel and unusual solutions to many of the problems people face with dentures. Each denture is painstakingly made without skipping out any of the essential steps in order to produce the best quality of fit and appearance possible. This can sometimes take a little longer but it is worth the wait.

All Dentures provided in our practices are premium quality Australian made products from small volume local high quality laboratories who only work with a select few clients.

Our metal alloy denture lab technician has a reputation for being one of the best in New South Wales and is based in Lismore. His clients include many specialists.

What is the Procedure for Having a Denture Made?

You can choose to have your denture fabricated at Swansea Dental Practice. Our dentists take detailed measurements and impressions of your mouth to fabricate the dentures. Every denture is designed to help support your cheeks and lips and to ensure the correct dimensions are maintained between your upper and lower jaw.

The denture is first constructed in pink coloured wax to make sure it fits correctly and will be fully functional. Once your dentist is happy with this stage, the pink wax will be replaced with acrylic for the final fitting.