Adult Orthodontics

Achieve your ideal smile with our adult orthodontic services available in Swansea.

Many adults have problems with misaligned teeth that weren’t corrected during childhood. Alternatively some people will have worn braces as a child but have subsequently seen their teeth move position, perhaps as a result of not wearing their retainers or as a result of getting older (your teeth do move with age).

With an increasing emphasis on the appearance of teeth, adult orthodontics is becoming more popular and the newest solutions are very discreet. Swansea Dental Practice can provide a number of different options for adult orthodontics that include fixed and removable braces.

Fixed and Removable Braces

Today’s fixed braces can use tooth coloured brackets or even brackets that are completely clear combined with tooth coloured wires that are nearly invisible. Alternatively we offer Invisalign braces that use clear removable aligners that fit tightly over the teeth, gradually moving them into the correct positions. Treatment times vary depending on the issues requiring correction. Some cosmetic braces can work within just a few months but more complex problems may take a year or longer to rectify.

Once treatment is complete it is necessary to wear retainers to hold the teeth in their new positions. These retainers can be removable or are bonded onto the back surfaces of the teeth so they are virtually invisible.