Dental Mouth Guards

Our dental mouth guards are your sporting solution in Swansea.

Many children like to play sports and this is something that most parents will definitely want to encourage. However contact and some non-contact sports can present the risk of dental injuries and it is not uncommon for children to chip or break teeth or to even knock out teeth completely. A well-fitting, custom-designed mouthguard can reduce the risk of tooth injuries and helps to cushion the teeth and jaws against any impact.

Custom-designed mouthguards can be supplied by Swansea Dental Practice and are well fitting and comfortable to wear. Our mouthguards are made in-house and we will need to take a very high-quality impression of your child’s teeth and jaws. This impression is used to manufacture the mouthguard which is fabricated with the finest quality German-made, shock-absorbing polymer materials. Custom colours and inscriptions are all optional. We offer several types of mouthguards to cater for different sports and which provide different levels of protection.

The mouthguard is easy to look after as it simply needs to be cleaned after each use and stored in its container away from direct heat as this could distort it. At this stage your child’s teeth and jaws are likely to be developing quite rapidly so it is important to bring the mouthguard with you to each check-up as it will need to be replaced every so often.