Professional Teeth Cleaning

Improve the health of your teeth with our expert teeth cleaning in Swansea.

Tooth brushing can be an automatic action for many people, and is often carried out when we are in a rush or are tired. As a result it is easy to miss out areas of the mouth, or to perhaps not be quite as thorough as is necessary.

Oral hygiene education is an important part of patient education, and is available at Swansea Dental Practice. Our hygienists are always more than willing to offer practical advice and demonstrations on the correct way to brush and floss, including information about which products to use.

Often simply choosing the right brush and ensuring it is held at the correct 45° angle can help improve removal of plaque and food debris. You need approximately 45cm of dental floss to ensure you can use a fresh section of floss for each tooth. Some people find it helpful to tie the ends together to form a large loop, while others prefer to wind the ends around the middle fingers, using the thumb and forefingers to slide the floss in between each tooth, right down to and just below the gum line.

If you lack manual dexterity then we can suggest alternative tools for brushing and flossing and which are easier to manipulate.

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