Dental Check-Up

Book your bi-annual dental check up with our dedicated dentists in Swansea.

Ideally, you should book your child’s first check-up soon after their primary teeth begin to erupt or by age one. We will need to see most children every six months for regular examinations which include checking the development of their jaws and teeth to make sure they are properly aligned. Our dentists will also assess the condition of their teeth and gums. This is to look for any evidence of tooth decay as sometimes the earliest signs can be reversed through fluoride treatment, and cavities can be more easily filled before your child experiences any unpleasant symptoms such as toothache.

Digital dental x-rays are extremely safe and show areas of the mouth hidden from view and these can enable us to detect any infections or areas of decay in between the teeth. Panoramic x-rays may be taken occasionally to show how their teeth and jaws are developing. We only take x-rays when absolutely necessary and they are a very useful diagnostic tool.

Our dentists are very good at putting small children at ease and aim to make children’s dentistry as fun as possible so your child grows up viewing a dental check-up as being merely routine and nothing to be feared.

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