Our ultimate braces colour wheel to inspire your orthodontic treatment

Starting to get excited about your new braces? You’re on you’re way to the smile you’ve always wanted and the application of your braces is right around the corner. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what colour braces you’d like  — and the options are endless. 

The beauty of braces is that you can customise the colours and change them at any of your check-up appointments. You could have your favourite colour, create a combination of flattering colours like purples and blues, show the world the rainbow when you smile or even get festive with holiday colours (like red and green for Christmas). 

And of course, if you want your braces to blend into your natural smile, clear and white options are always available.

There are hundreds of colour combinations to choose from — in this article, we share some of the best braces colours along with our braces colour wheel to give you some inspiration.

What are the coloured bits in braces? 

colourful ligatures

Image: Amazon

Although they’re often called “coloured braces”, your braces are actually made from metal and wires designed to gently pull your teeth into the correct position. 

The coloured elements of your braces are actually small elastic bands that are fitted to the metal brackets, allowing you to add some colour and personality to your braces. These elastic bands are called “ligatures” or “O-rings”. 

When we receive them from our supplier, they look more like the image above. 

Our braces colour wheel 

braces colour wheel

As you can see, we offer a huge range of colours for your braces! 

Sourced from American Ortho, one of the leading suppliers of dental equipment and accessories worldwide, the Elastomerics range allows you to mix and match to create the colour combinations (or uniform colours) you would like to express your unique personality.

The best braces colours to compliment your appearance

woman with clear braces

Image: Pexels

Statistics go to show that the most popular colours for braces are pink, orange, red, green, blue, yellow and purple — but some colours complement your appearance more than others. You also need to take into account your skin tone, the colour of your eyes, your hair colour, how white you want your teeth to look and the colour of clothing you wear most often.

Here’s are some of the best braces colour combinations based on these elements:

  • Gold, navy blue, pink, orange turquoise, green and violet complement dark skin tones.

  • Light blue, bronze, dark purple, pinks and subdued reds compliment lighter skin tones.

  • Choose darker colours to make your teeth look whiter, and avoid lighter colours that make your teeth look off-coloured.

  • Consider colours that complement or match your eye colour e.g. brown eyes look incredible with shades of purple and pink.

  • Consider the colour of clothing you wear most often and choose braces colours to complement or match it.

Need a hand choosing colours for your braces?

Our dentists have helped hundreds of people correct their smile with braces — and we can help choose the right colour for you, too. We’ll guide you through our braces colour wheel and show you the colours in person, so you can get a feel for how your braces will look against your teeth.

Have a chat with your dentist at your application appointment, or book in today for your regular check-up and have your colours changed. 

woman with braces

Our ultimate braces colour wheel to inspire your orthodontic treatment


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